The Lady of the River

I am a water baby at heart.  A Pisces that has been land-locked most of her life must take the time to really refuel with water.  Lately I have been craving a float in the fueling waters of this planet.  Just to sit and hear the movement, feel the caress, and absorb the nourishment for my soul.  Daily I walk upon the crust of Gaia grateful for the opportunity to commune with her and her creatures.  I love smelling the scents of the trees and grasses, glimpsing the wildlife and soaring with the bird tribe, and yet my soul is drawn to the water.

Today I gave in.

I loaded my pack with offerings.  I pulled one container of moon ceremony waters that raised its hand, gently securing it deep within my pack next to my favorite Hobbs.  Hobbs travels everywhere with me.  He is my tool of comfort for those who cannot find it.  Today Hobbs is joining me at the river.  Hobbs will bring the water medicine home for future use.

My first stop proved to be uninterested in fulfilling my request.  No worries.  Knowing this place would fill it for others I turned around to travel further down the road.  Spying a turnoff I made a sudden decision and turned left across the highway.  For 10 minutes I journeyed east towards the river and Poker Joe's fishing access.  Discovering only one car in the lot I pulled in placing my car squarely in the shade.  It was still early.  The sun travels slowly west this time of year leaving shade available for most of my planned time.

I followed the trail stepping around mud puddles moving further into the brush.  It was a well worn trail even indicating a quad-wheel had recently been through leaving scars in the deep grass.  It was quiet as I removed my sunglasses to see clearer.  Finally I came out into a clearing.  It was obviously the river had come this far in this spring.  Large trees littered the sandy rock filled ground before me.  The river still lay 500 feet further east.  Spotting the fisherman I turned away heading left picking my way toward the bank.  

Finding the edge where I wanted to settle I asked the river permission to join her for the day.  Quietly she meandered by beckoning me to sit for a conversation.  The breeze was strong enough to take the heat from the rocks, blowing away any chance of a candle or smudge, still leaving me refreshed and cleared.   

The remnants of moon-bathed chocolate cake came out to be sprinkled across her ripples in offering to the water sprites that danced.  Chuckling to myself I wondered if my activity would draw the trout away from the fisherman as I continued with my offerings of cedar, salt, and lavender.  Sensing something behind me I glanced up as a large blue heron graced the stark blue sky melding into the rhythm of the breeze.  Distracted in my thoughts to grab my phone, turning I ignored the request and watched her elegant flight.  Stillness settled as I felt drawn back to the river and her rhythm.  

With a sigh I released all my worries, aspirations, and plans to her as I called my guides and star family to this moment.  My body refreshed itself in the sounds of her lapping the shore carrying everything away. Trout jumped at the dragonflies skipping across enticing them in play.  I watched as an osprey soared carrying my dreams home.  

Closing my eyes the Spirit of the Bitterroot River glided across towards me.  She offered her wisdom.  Her deeper understanding of the part we each hold was gifted as I quietly poured my water offering into her depths.  Tears spilled sending ripples into her.  Slowly I stepped out into her allowing the washing and anointing.  My soul sang with each step.   As I returned to my spot a dark little frog hopped across my path a perfect gift to seal the moment.

Finally the river released me.  Packing to head home I heard the request to bring my drum next week so she could teach me a new song.  Be sure to bring lunch she said your body will need the nourishment.  Delighted I turned to leave.

Heading back across unfamiliar ground I made the choice to follow the call.  Soon I found myself watching the blue heron fishing.  As she elegantly stood in silence she stole a glance of me.  I swore she winked as I tiptoed closer.  This time I knew a photo was appropriate.  Clicking away I watched as she fished mesmerized by her beauty and presence.

Knowing it was time to return I found myself startled each time I startled the bird tribes hidden on the trail.  Laughing I heard the chatter of the black chipmunk above me as he warned those ahead.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to capture him.  He blended in the dark burnt bark of the trees.

Blessings abound for me.  I am constantly in awe at how Source gifts, loves, and teaches us.  Holding yourself in humility and love offers opportunities for simple affirmations of the grandeur of life.  I cherish this land and feel its calls deeply.  It is the waters that fill me with ancient memories.  They are very sacred to me.  Pouring my moon water back into her filled me with gratitude.  Humbly I realized how small I was compared to her, the Bitterroot River, and all the waters she represented.  I hold sacred my calling to care for these waters.  My part is small, this I know.  Yet each day I offer in prayer for the care of our waters supports the larger picture.

She wanders long and deep carrying our earliest memories and the truth of who we truly are.  One day she will bring us all home.

The Soul Traveler

So many ...


This is a very special time of year for everyone no matter your spiritual leanings.  I have so many memories, so much to be grateful for, and so so many changes coming for me.

I sit here in my beautiful home viewing the mountains outside, the sun shining brightly which for Missoula is a feat this time of year, waiting for the days festivities, and so many thoughts and visions flash before me.

Tomorrow will be the final day of my severance and so officially I will be unemployed.  This is such a bizarre thought.  To not have a "steady" income deposited into my lovely bank account to assist it in staying fat and sassy, to no longer have a bi-weekly reminder that I am a viable and functioning American, to not have to rise each morning and go out into the world to assist others to be their Type A best, to not have my adrenals screaming for no more Stress, and to not measure myself in the Corporate Eye… is to say the least - one hell of a Relief!!!   

Don't get me wrong I have always enjoyed my career about 90% of the time and I most definitely enjoyed everyone I was with M-F 8 to 5pm but I never ever felt like it was a true passionate, fulfilling, jaw dropping, wisdom deliverer.  I got up every single morning because that is what you are supposed to do from 12 - 70 years of age. I know there were days when many co-workers would have preferred me to keep my grumpy self at home.  I also know that over time I had to force myself into going to work.  It became harder and harder as I grew older to find passion in my work.  

I looked out upon everyone I knew to see how they were finding joy in heading into work.  I couldn't find their secret.  

What I found for me was a passion, wisdom, and fulfillment from way outside the 'norm' of occupations.  I found a desire to learn and share in very non-traditional 'schools'.  I found that the more I worked closely with where my Soul wanted me to go the happier, inspired, and eager I became.  Working "overtime" when participating in "soul work" never phased me, time didn't exist.  The 9-5 regimen managed to fit into these times of "soul work".  Over time any desire to climb the ladder, be recognized even remotely, and engage in office politics disappeared.  I no longer defined myself by my career.  I defined myself through my Soul.  I found that what once irritated me… office politics became like a speck of dust I noticed and lightly flicked off me. Recently I might catch a glimpse of it but really never noticed it.  I found myself bringing my soul work into my 9-5 and I started to watch its impact.  

I watched as more people gathered around me to 'just catch up' and others who stayed very far away from me. I watched as the turbulent energy of meeting deadlines literally went around me with many coming in to ask, "how do you do that?'  I listened on my last day of employment when co-workers stopped by to say good bye and ended with "I will miss your caring spirit."  I knew then that my career had to be 'soul work' as that is what fed me and my co-workers.

Where will I be in 2014 from a career standpoint?  I really don't know and honestly I really don't care.  The only requirement I have is it must be soul work, feed me passion, draw wisdom, and create joy for everyone.  So my guess is it will be far from the norm.

As we find ourselves on Christmas Eve looking forward, let us remember that this time is a reminder to us of two people following their hearts, their higher guidance, and their willingness to go against the norm to bring into the world a way of living called 'soul work'.  

Warmest Blessings to you and yours - The Soul Traveler.