Opening Day ...

opening day

What must it feel like to participate in ‘Opening Day”.  We could ask baseball players, or any athlete for that matter, but really are they the only ones experiencing opening day? 

As I prepare to launch my website The Soul Traveler I wanted to write a catchy blog piece.  I tried and tried but nothing seemed to stick for a post.   Finally after struggling, it came to me, what am I about to embark on?  My travel companion reminded me…..

Opening day is so not reserved for athletes or grand occasions it happens every day!

If you wake and sit quietly you can hear the day open.  It takes its time to move to its dawn.  Watch how the darkness slowly creeps barely inching towards the light.  There are moments when it pauses as though it is deciding just how it wants to open.  It isn’t the same every time.  It may appear that way to us but if you watch, listen, still yourself, and be amazed you will know it is not the same every day.

So how can we reflect the essence of the opening day?  What part of the dawn can we exhibit in our life?

My soul has taught me that each moment is an opening day.  It is filled with fanfare, good music, lot’s to cheer about, and memories to carry. 

It was once very common for me to jump out of bed, hurry to the coffee, struggle to the shower and on and on.  Then one day I stumbled to the kitchen and literally said, “I want to get off this merry-go-round.”  It was an opening day moment. 

It was at that moment my soul took the opportunity to show me how the dawn could be different.  It was then I realized what I had just said was a prayer.  The dawn did change, it did move ever so slowly. It did bring different outcomes daily.  Through conversation with my soul I have learned how to reflect the essence of Opening Day.  To slow down my morning, the rush of my workday, enjoy my evening respite, and relish my day closing.  I have taken courage from the dawn.  I am no longer afraid to sit quietly in the dark waiting for the light because my soul sits beside me and assures me that there is light coming.  I pause to hear the decision the dawn makes as to how it will rise just as I pause to decide how I too will meet the day.  Will I greet with wonder or will I greet with worry?  I converse with my soul to seek the knowledge of how best to greet the day.  My soul whispers much like the dawn whispers to the day guiding me forward to realize the fortunes ahead.  If you watch the dawn, you will see how the dawn and the day are in conversation and neither is the leader in charge, they are co-creating.  Watch closely and you can see the mist begin to rise then after a quick conversation the mist disappears and is replaced by a rush of warm wind leading to a different outcome.  This brings us an unexpected Opening Day.

If you aren’t attentive you will have missed the quick chat where decisions were made to alter the outcome.  When we don’t pause as we move about our day to commune with our soul, we will often miss the opportunity to alter an outcome.  Perhaps the chance to meet someone who could lead us to a new employment opportunity is changed because we decided not to listen to the urging to wait 5 minutes before we headed out for lunch.  The dawn, we think, is here to urge us on to our day.  Perhaps the dawn is here to urge us to pause and watch all the possibilities of our day before striking out.

Remember the Dawn’s example through your day.  Use the example to respond to your family member that insists on being right and ask how would my soul, my dawn respond to them.

The dawn is your soul.  Your soul resides in every aspect of you life.  It is not separate from you and your environment.  It is your environment.  We are magical creators and I marvel at my creations.  The dawn is that daily reminder to me that once again I start anew.  Once again I experience my “Opening Day”.   I have at my fingertips the opportunity to learn, share, and be my soul essence.

Ahhhhh!  Let the travels begin!