Traveling the dark seas for you

For years I have studied and practiced many healing modalities.  My work in the shamanic realm offers depth and empowerment for others.  This work is a catalyst for change in a manner that is life altering. 

It leads to genuine happiness, an understanding of self, and the confusion in the meaning of life is diminished.  


In soul work I travel to other worlds to retrieve forgotten gifts, lost pieces of your soul from life’s disappointments, trauma, or those times we are frightened and retreat.  In a journey, I locate where a memory, an illness, or behavior problem resides in the non-ordinary and deal with it on your behalf, often bringing back forgotten gifts and knowledge.


When you find a sealed door that you cannot open, a soul journey done on your behalf, will swing that door wide.  It will bring you a sense of relief, confidence, and a renewed life. 


My soul care sessions are offered in a 2-hour format via phone, Skype or in-person with those local.  

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Soul Voyage - A shamanic soul retrieval created in union with your soul and spirit

I will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a time for us to begin your soul voyage.  If there is anything you would like me to know before hand please email me at


(Those with special financial needs please contact me directly to discuss)

Please note:  the offerings here are intended to complement or work in synergy with the advice of your primary care provider or other health professional.  I am not a licensed physician and as such do not diagnose illness or prescribe treatments.  Shamanic practices can assist with and restore a greater sense of well-being, vitality and wholeness, allowing you to begin or complete a process of transition or healing.  However, the results are not entirely predictable and as such, you are advised to seek and/or continue the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.


Deepening into Your Soul



As a shamanic soul practitioner my work will assist you in moving along your path, creating healing, joy, peace, and a sense of wholeness at a soul level. 

We each long to do our own work but sometimes we need a hand as we walk through life. 


The Deepening with Your Soul Sojourn is designed to assist you across those snags, support bridge building, and deepen the next level of understanding for you own personal path. 

I will be there with you as you clarify your path, create and build a dialogue with your guides + soul, and hold you as you take that deeper dive into understanding and embracing your next level of who you truly are.

Which sojourn is perfect for where you are today?


The single session is designed to help blast you forward when you have exhausted all your tools + just need that extra piece of support to see what is hidden from view.  

Please contact me at to arrange a time for us to begin your soul walk.  If there is anything you would like me to know before hand include that information in your email me at



Looking for that sweet, slow communion with soul + a graceful deepening?  The week session offers you a gradual deepening with your soul and true essence.  It takes you to what is needed now, revealing a path to travel on till the next jumping off spot.  Week mentorships offer the discovery of overlooked knowledge from rushing with life.  A quick study for just what is needed now.

Please contact me at to arrange a time for us to begin your soul walk.  If there is anything you would like me to know before hand include that information in your email me at 



The month session is designed to support you at the level of deep work you are aspiring to accomplish.  This mentorship flows with your natural rhythm + will unveil to you the synchronistic essence of your soul path.  

Want to go fast?  Take it slowwww?  Or perhaps skip gradually throughout the month?  Your session is divinely orchestrated and carries several layers while unveiling you + your soul essence.  It is designed to go after the deeper revealing rather than one quick call/session and allows time for assistance in other items impacting the focus.  

Please contact me at to arrange a time for us to begin your soul walk.  If there is anything you would like me to know before hand include that information in your email me at

How does it all work?

  • We will meet first via phone or Skype to discuss + set the focus with most of the work via email.  
  • Begin with a tool to bring the focus into sharper view. 
  • Followed by a mid-week 1/1 call to really flush out next steps, release anything stuck or other necessary steps.
  • There will be several check-ins during our time of delightful soul-play allowing the body to incorporate the deepened connection.
  • Finally a 30 minute call to close the session.
  • A special ceremony will open + close the session.  

What's the diff? Week or Month?

The week sojourn is a snapshot of the month format.  The month is structured for more interaction with me. I will keep a pulse on your work so you can relax into the shifts and growth.

  • Beginning each of the 4 weeks a written or audio lesson designed around your chosen focus will be sent to your mailbox 

  • Each week a mid-week 1/1 hour mentoring phone session to maintain the rhythm for the full month

  • Introduction + support in using shamanic tools for continued support

  • Incorporating the upper levels, and

  • The added bonus of a private FB group page available to all participating

  • All month mentorships will begin + end with a ceremony created & called by Your soul.  These ceremonies may call for combined participation or an intimate solo recollection done by me.  All will be recorded + gifted for later support. 

Why a month focus?

  • Satisifies the overachiever in you
  • Cracks things open for a blast of your work into the world
  • Stabilizes your path for a longer time between shifts

Each of the sojourns will play out in guidance to building a deeper connection, stronger discernment, + playful engagement with your soul.




Walk, Stroll or Grand Adventure ~ They are for anyone interested in deepening their connection with spirit and their soul.  Everyone is welcome!


Please note: The mentorships do not include a soul retrieval or extraction.  Those can be arranged separately during the mentorships.

After your purchase I will contact you promptly to schedule your session






Helping you help yourself ~ Speaking Soul

Often we find ourselves unable to hear what direction or decision to make and need that extra helping hand.

My first awaken gift was seeing + hearing the souls of those around me.  Asking what I was to do with this gift I was told to hold Soul Conversations.  

Not your typical tarot or oracle reading, I tap into your Soul and share what you might not be hearing.  It is gentle loving conversation.  


If this feels like what is calling you, let's sit down, share a cup and begin the Soul Conversation.


Soul Conversation -

A 60 minute soul reading for those times when our listening ear is struggling.

A 90 minute soul reading for those times when our listening ear is struggling.

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Soul when honored brings a sacredness to all Celebration


Wedding Ceremony and Vow Renewal

Many years ago a dear friend of mine was struggling with designing the wedding ceremony she had always dreamed of as a young girl.  I watched as she went from one place to another to try and create a ceremony that encapsulated the love and dreams she and her fiancée had for each other.  Finally I offered to help her create that ceremony.  From that moment on, I discovered how wonderful it was to assist others in bringing to their special day, the true essence of the love they held for each other.

Whether it is an entire ceremony or creating just the right vows, let’s sit down and together we will create that timeless memory of the expression of your deep love for each other.  


Sacred Intention + Clearing + Blessing

will bring into your home and business a sense of peace, forward motion, and prosperity.


Your personal home is your sacred space.  It is not to be a gathering place of negativity, discomfort or restlessness.  Clearing and intention setting done monthly will help set your course forward.  

For your business, what are your desires?  Do you clear each time an employee leaves and moves on to different endeavors?  When you have a new employee or new client do you clear + set intentions for their and your prosperity?  

Setting sacred space where we work + live brings us into a union with our soul and purpose.  It supports us as we face the daily dramas that cross our paths.  

My experience in clearing + intention setting has supported several business + homes.  In several opportunities new business arrived one day after the clearing and tenants have successfully renewed their leases and received prosperity in their own life. 

I am available in Missoula and the surrounding area.  For other outlying areas contact me and let's see how we can make it a fit.

Initiation ~ The Power within us ~

For centuries we have forgotten the power of initiation through our passages of life.  As a western culture we have lost our way.  We no longer celebrate the passages from one stage of life to the next.  All indigenous cultures understand the power behind Initiations.

We have birthday parties, kindergarten to college graduations, but we don't truly honor those passages.

When we bring soul back into our daily life we begin to experience initiations. 

As time has moved forward I have learned the value of initiation and bring it into my practice.  With my current study of northern shamanism and my ancestors medicine, I have begun to share the initiation rites long forgotten.

Would you like more information about these offerings?  Send me a quick note.  Let's create an amazing celebration for your life!