Exceeding Expectations


Life is amazing!  

That wasn't always something I would say.  It has grown to be the first thing out of my mouth each morning...

Growing up I was fortunate every summer to visit the open farming country of Colorado.  I would leave the city shortly after school ending to stay for a month or two with my Grandmother.  She was a very strong willed, distant, bewildering woman.  She loved her chickens, tolerated the wild cat, lavished her roses, and basically accepted my presence.  I learned early to high tail it until she called.  I would go wild with discovery and solitude nourishing my weary soul.  My siblings did not understand my willingness to spend time with 'our cold grandmother' still they were glad to have one less asking for food and attention.  All I knew is being there exceeded my expectations.

My summer days were simple.  Morning would dawn with the crow of the rooster.  After a breakfast of cold cereal as I dressed, I would rush out the door desperately remembering too late not to slam the door.  If the door was slammed, I would tiptoe back, open it, then close it three times softly.  This was the required penance for slamming doors.  No matter how many times I came to visit my rush of excitement took precedence over quiet departures.  In muffled expectation I collected eggs, darting between pecks, smothering my giggles at the girls as Grandma called them.  Sailing high into the air I would make a game of watching them from my swing creating different scenes with each pass I filled my day designing events in their lives. 

Stark evening darkness is a magical place for me filled with wildness.   Sitting on the back porch watching the stars turn on one by one, hearing the footsteps of the night settle, and knowing as some were preparing for sleep others had just woke brought wonder and magic to my imagination.  Sailing across the sky I would visit distant planets calling one home chatting with my star family relishing their comfort and wisdom.  

Every summer well into high school I spent with my grandmother exceeded my expectations.  Those months kept my wildness alive.  Many events in my life were started because of my willingness to exceed my expectations.  I had no idea that was what I was creating.  Now I consciously come from that request.  

The first class I took when I woke up was how my thoughts create my world.  The teacher gave us affirmations to recite for various issues.  My first one, financial wealth, I felt was important.  I gleefully typed in a dollar amount.  This amount I felt covered my needs and some.  Within 4 years I was making that amount with one full time and two part time jobs.  Uncontrollable laughter erupted the minute I discovered how I had manifested my creation of financial abundance.  Something niggled at me that perhaps I might be amiss with my affirmations.  

As I sought to deepen my relationship to soul different ways to manifest crossed my path.  "I can't out give the Universe" shared by my shamanic teacher burst open my perceptions of abundance.  I sat with that statement for a very long time.  The pondering helped me to peel back the layers till I finally settled upon a simple mantra. 

~ Exceeds My Expectations  ~

I felt a breath of fresh air from no longer needing to cover all the angles that past practices of manifesting abundance required.  Knowing I didn't have to pour over the correct wording, the exact cadence to guarantee complete coverage of my requests I blossomed from the simplification.  Complication is a turn-off.  Simplicity resonates deep within me. 

Prayers now are requests for employment that exceeds my expectations, financial abundance that exceeds my expectations, and I think you get my drift.  This approach opens you and removes any limiting identity for fulfillment.  Trusting that the Universe will deliver what is yours to fulfill your needs will always exceed your expectations.  I no longer set limits to my learning, creating, or living because I am open to "I can't out give the Universe" 

My life Exceeds My Expectations... want to join me?

xoxoo The Soul Traveler