Ahhh the feeling

Fairy girl.jpg

It is snowing.... the hundredth time this month and February is the shorts month.  Go figure!

Jazz is playing in the background a hint of calypso to the piece as the snow swirls.  I am taken into the marriage of the two.  

As the notes swirl the fairy snow flirts.  First she lights delicately upon the rail beckoning the notes.  Moving closer the rhythm challenges the exchange.  She flits closer expecting the move.  The saxophone mellows as his courage strikes him deep.  His stance encourages him to welcome the fire.  She scurries across the expanse uncertain.  Joining the others she peaks at him with the deepest eyes.  Sensing his opportunity the sounds scatter reaching, drawing her into the dance of inclusion.  

As the crystal companions scurry on their way, she is left alone in decision.  The ultimate sacrifice, the moment of her beginning, the transmutation has called.  What will she decide?