Working Together You + Me

Understanding + Developing

Your Passion

Bringing + Living
Your Path

Walking into the World
Your True Essence

The Elements of Living a Simple Sacred Life

By being clear + open about your true desires, you will begin to bring your passion into your daily life.  Working directly with your soul feeds your passion

Taking the time to understand your wounding, allowing for healing, + embracing your life experiences ~ good or bad brings you directly onto your path.  Once on your path you have to consciously choose to leave.

Simple desire fills the empty places in your heart.  Your desire to know you, to free you, + to love you is the simplest of thoughts.  It is the dynamite that clears away the debris that  is no longer needed.

Embracing all of you ~ the shadow + the light draws you deeper into understanding your divinity.  Fire, Air, Water + Earth remind us of the alchemy of Life.  Breathe it all In.

Ready to build your Simple Sacred Life?


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Begin with a Walk

Soul Listens

So often we fret about no one listening to us.  We forget that the most important partner is always listening.


Let me help you build that bridge

  • Understanding the sacredness of you
  • Opening the channel to deeper connection
  • OH let's not forget the Play

Soul Leads

In the midst of the darkness we sometimes find ourselves is the light that brings us back to who we truly are.


Let me help you shine that light

  • Once the journey starts we really only go forward
  • Our belief patterns dim our light
  • Laughter turns the light on Brighter

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