Fireside Chat with Crones

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This came to me as a whim.  Little did I know that it was a serious request from Spirit and how well the subject would be accepted.  For me I have felt so often the need for a crone or elder wisdom keeper in my life.  Even now as I step further into my crone shoes I relish the time I have with other elders.  The joy, freedom, and community present is palpable and revealing of the quintessential gift from those times.  

I thought about how best to create a genre that would bring eldership and crones back out into the world for not only our youth but also for other crones & elders.  Creating a video series gave me the opportunity to show the physical and inner beauty of our Wisdom Keepers. Our American society focuses on youthfulness and often times considers women over 50 as "out to pasture" leaving a mark on the beauty of aging for only one sex - female.  We know as crones that it is the inner beauty that shines through and brings the gifts.  Now is the time to step forward proudly, with confidence and compassion, bringing back into our society the true gorgeous essence of the crone.  The world needs us now more than ever.  

I hope you enjoy these series of videos.  I know I enjoyed creating them, learning the technical side, and look forward to sharing the wisdom of the elders.  Each month I will feature a woman who exemplifies the wisdom crone.

Sit back grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy.  Feel free to comment below where we will interact with you.  Also, please visit us on Facebook at Fireside Chats: Wisdom Keepers

I would like to introduce Wendy Weatherwax who was gracious enough to be my first guest on Fireside Chat with Crones.  Please feel free to comment below.  Also visit our page on Facebook at Fireside Chats - Wisdom Keepers