Blog_spiral beginning

So I have wanted to write or should I say I have been dragged to write.  And write about what?  I have 2 stories started, a really rough draft of a screenplay, and a 'here's my thoughts on soul' lesson book sitting in various places/boxes around my house. Now that is what I call beginnings....what makes one think they have something to write about?  what makes me think I can write? what makes me create my first blog?

Soul...that's what!  That illusive voice that pushes you to ask yourself why..  That simply marvelous joy, bliss, seeing what was there all along....Soul.

I won't promise this will always be first rate prose or poetry.  And I will promise it will always be my soul travels.  The how, why, what and because of my journey from the 'not me' to the 'yes me'.  The journey from ego to an ego that is no longer in the driver seat.  Why? Because I am a Soul Traveler and I have a path that goes on forever!